Site offered in Tipp for new cancer support unit

Jennifer Jones-Hickey founder of Circle of Friends Cancer care centre Tipperary town
The Circle of Friends cancer support group has been offered a green field site in the town to facilitate theprovision of a dedicated cancer support unit.

The Circle of Friends cancer support group has been offered a green field site in the town to facilitate theprovision of a dedicated cancer support unit.

A 0.6 of an acre site in Knockanrawley beside the gaelscoil has been identified as a suitable site by Cashel-Tipperary Municipal District Committee and offered to the Circle of Friends group.

Pat Jones,whose daughter Jennifer founded the group a year ago,said everyboty involved was delighted with the generous offer and the speed in which such a site has been made available to the group.

“It is a very generous offer.We are absolutely thrilled about this.We are very greatful to the local authority for working so fast on this matter.” said Pat Jones.

He said that the site would be discussed at a board meeting of Circle of Friends this week and they would then go back to the council.

Pat explained that they were looking for a permanent home in the town.A lot of buildings were available in the town but the group wanted to provide a purpose built facility to accommodate theneeds of the ninety people availing of their services.

“In a short space of time we are catering for the needs of up to ninety people every week and we are only scratching the surface.This new purpose built facility will serve the people of the town and the huge catchment area.This will be a worthwhile investment in the town and the surrounding area for the future,” said Pat.

Pat said they were thrilled that after going to the authority only three weeks ago the council had identified a site so quickly.

Marie McGivern,of the Municipal Authority said the Circle of Friends was a very important organisation in the town and the catchment area.

She said the provision of a dedicated cancer support unit would be a major developpment in the town and the council were happy to facilitate that.

“It is a vital service and the council members are very supportive of the group.It’s very worthwhile not just for the town but for the huge hinterland involved,” she said.

The council official said she met members of theh group recently following a council meeting and she expected them to come back to the council in the near future.

She explained that the site was offered to the Circle of Friends on a nominal lease basis.

Cross-party support was given for the site offer when Cashel-Tipperary Municipal District Committee met, last week.

Circle of Friends had written to the council seeking a one acre site in the environs of Tipperary town and councillors were pleased to hear a number of potential sites have already been identified by officials.

Cllr Denis Leahy said Circle of Friends are a fantastic group of people and their enthusiasm would make the centre successful. He urged the council to make the land available. “It would be of huge benefit to Tipperary town and surrounding areas,” he said, officially proposing they give the land to the group.

The proposal was seconded by Cllr Martin Browne.

Cllr Michael Fitzgerald said he agreed wholeheartedly. “As a cancer support group they do great work. Any way in the world we can support this organisation and people we should do it.”

Chairman John Crosse said it was great to see the request being approached in a proactive and positive way. A green field site would be available when a site is identified, he said.