Cllr. Murphy calls for rates clarity

Commercial Rates

Commercial Rates

Cllr Murphy calls for rates clarity

Fine Gael councillor, Michael Murphy, is calling on County Managers in North and South Tipperary to urgently clarify the harmonisation of commercial rates, which will follow the merger of North and South Tipperary County Councils next summer.

“When the Minister for the Environment announced the proposed merger of North and South Tipperary back in July 2011, specific reference was made to lowering the North Tipperary commercial rate, at the time E60.13, to the current commercial rate in South Tipperary of E56.77 representing a welcome boost and saving for the businesses of North Tipperary. “However since the Minister announced the abolition of the town and borough councils towards the end of last year, we have had no information from the County Managers on how they propose to harmonise the rates with the new county rate,” Cllr Murphy said.

He pointed out that in many towns the commercial rate is lower than the proposed Tipperary County Council rate, in some cases significantly so.

“Take for example Tipperary and Carrick on Suir Town Councils where the current commercial rates are E52.20 and E50.99 respectively. To bring these in line with the new proposed rate for County Tipperary would represent a huge increase in commercial rates for the businesses in both of these towns, many of whom are struggling to survive in the current economic climate.

“We must put in place a system whereby a percentage of savings from the merger will be passed onto the rate payers. I propose that a plan be prepared to lower rates over three to five years in line with lowest rate that currently exists within County Tipperary, that of Carrick on Suir at E50.99.

“Given that we are only a few months away from framing budgets across the county and that the merger of North and South Tipperary is less than 12 months away, the County Managers must inform the members of North and South Tipperary County Councils as to what plans are in place to harmonise rates across the county.”