Motivation the key to Rob and MaryEllen losing 251/2
stone between them!

MaryEllen and  Rob Walpole.
Yo-yo dieting is a thing of the past for Rob and MaryEllen Walpole who lost a combined total of 25½ stone!

Yo-yo dieting is a thing of the past for Rob and MaryEllen Walpole who lost a combined total of 25½ stone!

What a fantastic story. One of love and living life to the full! Rob and MaryEllen Walpole decided for different reasons that they needed change. They realised the crux of their problem, not food itself, but their relationship with food, the fears and attitudes that were making them go around in circles in a dieting frenzy which was never going to give lasting results.

Rob, overweight from a young age, painfully aware of the issue and trying, as best as he knew how, to tackle it by dieting. Self-esteem profoundly battered by throwaway hurtful comments, unconsciously buried but never dealt with. So began the willpower battle. Rob learned that food was to be feared, it became the enemy as severe yo-yoing became a cycle of starvation periods and weight loss followed by uncontrollable bingeing and greater weight gain. What a way to exist.

Having lost his wife to sudden illness and being the sole parent to his 11 year old daughter, Rob’s fear of not being around for his child became very real. Years of bingeing cycles had resulted in his weight accelerating to over 36 stones. He was fighting a losing battle as his body started to give way, unable to take the strain as walking and standing became near impossible. Rob was a physical time bomb, dicing with death, and battling the psychological pain of low self-esteem, shame and embarrassment.

Gerry Ryan’s guest on radio, Dr. Maurice Larocque caught Rob’s attention as he talked about his weight loss programme and treating the person, not the condition. His line “it’s not just what you eat, it’s why” struck a chord and soon Rob began his motivational weight loss journey.

Meanwhile, Rob’s fiancée MaryEllen had become disillusioned with her own weight loss efforts, as every Monday her diet started but cravings for sweet foods always won over. With 2½ stone to lose, MaryEllen’s repeated failed attempts caused a mental block as she convinced herself that breaking the 10 stone barrier was not possible. This thought, though totally irrational became her belief and her confidence began to suffer as she dressed to hide the spare tyre.

Around this time MaryEllen started to see a change in Rob, he was not on a diet but his attitude to food had changed. She decided to try Motivation for herself and within 2 weeks her energy had improved and for the first time she didn’t feel deprived. For both MaryEllen and Rob the key to their ultimate lasting success was the realisation that it didn’t have to be a battle because the answers lay in their own thinking. Once they accepted that years of deep rooted habits and attitudes could be improved it led to a positive life enhancing journey aided by their weekly consultations and constant use of their motivational tools at home.

Today Rob is happily maintaining his incredible 23 stone weight loss for 4 years now and continues to enjoy life to the full. He has great energy and zest for life which he greatly values. He trains in the gym and maintains enthusiasm by continuing to revisit his motivational tools and have regular clinic check ups.

MaryEllen has been maintaining her 2½ stone weight loss since 2011 and she and Rob are happily married and enjoy travelling, hill walking and eating out. MaryEllen is delighted to be back in size 10 jeans, and her confidence is renewed. She and Rob can enjoy doing things together but her greatest joy is that she can now get her arms around her husband!

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