Tidy Towns plan for coming year

Cashel Tidy Towns Committee is currently working out our program of activities for 2011.

Cashel Tidy Towns Committee is currently working out our program of activities for 2011.

One of the main features will be to focus on improving our points in the 'Wildlife and Natural Habitat' category.

To help us in this task we have enlisted the assistance of Dan Hogan, a noted naturalist who is also prominent in the activities of Birdwatch Ireland.

Dan broadcasts a weekly programme on Tipp Midwest radio every Thursday, dealing mainly with birds, their habitats, behaviour and all related matters – which gives him plenty of scope!

We are also drawing on the advice offered last year by officers of South Tipperary County Council who visited us last year when they provided us with an insight into the preservation and development of the natural amenities which are all around us.

One of our first tasks is to organise a 'Wildlife Habitat Survey'. We would very much appreciate assistance in identifying the locations and numbers of all manner of living creatures encountered in the locality.

St John the Baptist Primary School are already up and running conducting their own survey/count of birds observed around the school. Indeed the pupils (and their teachers!) have been very active over the past year or so and succeeded in winning the coveted Green Flag status for their efforts in promoting recycling of waste materials. They set an example to us all.

Hopefully the pupils involved will carry some of their interest and enthusiasm forward as they move into secondary school in due course.

Another area where we could do with some assistance (possibly from some knowledgeable person in the locality) is in identifying and educating ourselves about all the amazing variety of trees, shrubs, flowers, fruits and indeed every living green thing in the vicinity.

We would be delighted if someone could come forward, perhaps to take us on a 'botanical tour' of the district – preferably in the Spring of course.

If you would like to help Cashel Tidy Towns in any of the above matters, please pick up the phone and call Paddy Downey on (087)2460308 or Paul Monks on (086)2359886.

Currently the finishing touches are being put to a 'Three Year Plan' which will hopefully guide our efforts up to the end of 2013. We will be launching this Three Year Plan at a Presentation Event which will be held at 8pm on Thursday,January 2027, 11 in Spafield Resource Centre.

We will be inviting representatives of all local organisations who may be able to contribute to our efforts and we will welcome members of the public who share our desire to make Cashel a Tidy Town to be proud of.

We would like to sincerely thank Eileen O'Donnell of Tesco who welcomed us at the Tesco Community & Craft Fair which took place before Christmas. We congratulate Kathleen O'Dwyer who was the winner of first prize in our raffle (a beautiful painting kindly donated by our Hon Secretary Maureen Derby). The second prize, (a massive hamper) went to Sadie Ryan of Golden Road., and there were many happy winners of other hampers which added to the Christmas cheer in some lucky local homesteads.

We would also like to thank Liam Stapleton of Lion Print who provided a wonderful backdrop for our stand which was widely admired.

Finally may we take this opportunity to thank all our volunteers for their hard work, and also all those who contributed in any way to our efforts during the past year, which have made (and hopefully will continue to make), such a wonderful difference to the appearance of Our Tidy Town - Cashel.