Kung Fu in Clonmel

Chris Dougliss Kung Fu and Self Defence School

Chris Dougliss Kung Fu and Self Defence School

Chris Dougliss has well over 30 Years experience in learning and teaching Kung Fu. He became proficient at Lau Gar Kung Fu attaining Black Belt status before progressing to Hung Gar Kung Fu, which is a very Traditional style, known for its low Stances, hard blocks and furious attacks.

Chris ran the successful Hung Gar Kung Fu Club in Clonmel for 5 years before work and time constraints forced him to forego this project. However most of the Students from the Club continued to train in his purpose built kwoon or school at his home.

Since then Chris has continued teaching and has included general cardiovascular fitness and kickboxing in what he teaches. Anyone is welcome to come and join us on Wednesday and Friday evenings at 7pm, the only condition being that you come with an open mind and be willing to push yourself close to your limits.

So if you think you have what it takes, and are willing to push yourself whilst learning Self Defence, Kung Fu, Kickboxing or just improving your general fitness levels, why not give Chris a call on 087-6244449. There are no Membership or Gym fees, you pay as you go, and if you want some one on one Private Training, this can also be arranged at a mutually convenient time.

Remember-Its better to know Self Defence and not need it, than to need it and not know it.

Check us out on http:// www. clonmelhunggar.tripod.com/