Welcome decision to close St Patrick’s

Prisoners should be rehabilitated through education and support.
Dear Editor,

Dear Editor,

I welcome the move to close St Patrick’s Institution for young offenders. This follows the admission by the Director General of the Prison Service Michael Donnellan that the failure to change the culture within St Patrick’s led to its closure.

I welcome Judge Michael Reilly’s recent report recommending the closure of St Patrick’s Institution. The report makes for disturbing reading when one considers the desperate conditions in which teenagers were being detained. While in no way demeaning the crimes committed by these young people, or the effect of their actions on their victims, I would question how we as a society, can possible hope to rehabilitate young offenders when they are housed in the conditions as described in the report.

Prisons are a necessity, but while these young people are serving their sentences, we should make every attempt to rehabilitate them through support and education.

Yours, Cllr Joe Leahy,