Water charges have politicised the public

Water charges have politicised the public, claims letter writer.
27 Glencarra Grove,

27 Glencarra Grove,


Dear Editor,

Well the weeks roll by and the Government swings from threats to appeasement, from appeasement to threats, from attempts to create division between the employed and the unemployed, to disinformation and even have stooped low enough to try instill fear by alluding to dissident elements infiltrating protests, the army and riot squad being called in! How low can you go?

The disparity between their belief system and that of the populace is truly shocking. And as each day goes by this division grows wider.

This might have started off as a protest against water charges, but am I the only one that sees that things have gone way beyond that at this stage.

I know I am not, the population at large know I’m not, but the Government???

People have truly woken up as can be seen by reading any social media sites.

Let’s look at the bigger picture. €32 million on Information Technology, €12 million on billing, €8 million on support services, and not a pipe mended?

And that is not even including the generous bonuses and wages that we have all heard about.

The Irish people are not stupid!! They know very well the system needs upgrading, but guess what!! We have become a frugal people because we have had to!!

And my oh my!! Have we seen money literally going down the drain! Our money!!

The system that existed was by no means perfect, and of course it needed investment, so when the property tax was brought in why was there no ring fencing of monies for upgrades by councils in local areas?

Why was there no employment given by said local councils to local people? Why were the training boards not onside to have people prepared for work?

Oh Sorry! I forgot! They had to give it to Irish Water for IT!! We have to have our priorities you know!

And what an opportunity was missed there! But let’s face it, there was always another agenda.

If there hadn’t been the legislation bringing Irish Water into being would not have been rushed through in such an underhand manner. Three hours of debate! well hasn’t that come back to bite!! A tendering system that we were all ignorant about, but we are far better informed now!! Yes! You caught us sleeping but we are wide awake now!

And I know it’s a cliché, but it’s an ill wind that doesn’t blow some good, and I want to thank this Government for giving us back something that had been severely diluted in Ireland - ‘A sense of unity and a sense of community’.

Nothing prepared me for that, and it is so heart warming to see and listen to people from different walks of life, different social and political backgrounds, coming together against the unfairness of the government policies in this country.

It is not just water charges any more, Joan and Enda, democracy is back on the ground. People are talking and debating, you have politicised us!!

Thank you!


Majella O’Neill