Noel grateful to blood donors for
the gift of life

A Clonmelman who almost died when he accidentally cut his wrist has stressed the importance of people donating blood.

A Clonmelman who almost died when he accidentally cut his wrist has stressed the importance of people donating blood.

Noel Denmead from McDonagh Crescent, Old Bridge was rushed to the town’s South Tipp General Hospital when he accidentally cut his wrist with a knife while sorting cardboard packaging for recycling.

He knew he had cut an artery when he saw the blood from his wound “flying up to the ceiling”, and he received a blood transfusion immediately on arrival at the hospital.

“I’m very pleased that I was a blood donor as a younger man. Little did I know then that I would be on the receiving end myself one day.

I would appeal to anyone to pluck up the courage to donate blood. There’s always a big demand for blood every day. My life would have been lost except for those who are willing to donate”, Noel has stated.

The accident happened at his home in February and he spent eight weeks recovering in both the South Tipp General and Our Lady’s in Cashel.

“The way they looked after me in both hospitals meant the world to me”, he said.

Noel was accompanied by his wife Kitty when he was rushed by ambulance to the Clonmel hospital. Within minutes of their arrival he was taken to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) while Kitty was brought to Accident and Emergency.

The stress triggered by her husband’s ordeal caused her to become ill and she later had heart stents inserted at the Bons Secours Hospital in Cork.

“It’s a small miracle the way we were both affected and survived, but thankfully we’re at home now and on the road to recovery”, said Noel.

He’s grateful to everyone who helped them in the couple’s hour of need and those who called to and rang their home and sent Mass bouquets, get well cards, Rosary beads, relics of many saints and bottles of holy water.

“It’s so wonderful that so many people in the town and all over Tipperary, as well as Waterford, Kilkenny, Cork and Limerick took the time to wish us well. There was so much faith and hope we just had to get well!”

Noel is extremely grateful to the ambulance crew who resuscitated him twice on his way to the hospital - Alan Walsh, Andy Ryan, Dermot Hickey and John Perry.

“They kept me alive in the ambulance and got me to the ICU at South Tipp General. The care we received from all the staff throughout the hospital was brilliant, including from Dr. Shania, Dr. Rice and Dr. Naeen.

The Denmeads thank everyone in their own family and “brilliant” neighbours Eugene Fox and Peggy Clancy who also came to their assistance.