Dr. McCarthy is elected mayor of Cashel for the fifth time

Doctor Séan McCarthy has been unanimously elected as Cashel’s new mayor , 12 years after he last served as the heritage town’s first citizen.

Doctor Séan McCarthy has been unanimously elected as Cashel’s new mayor , 12 years after he last served as the heritage town’s first citizen.

This is the fifth time that the Cashel and South Tipperary County Councillor has served as Mayor of Cashel.

Cllr McCarthy takes over the mayoral chain of office from outgoing Mayor Cllr Maribel Wood, who made history herself by becoming the first Spanish citizen to serve as Mayor of Cashel.

Cllr McCarthy was proposed by party colleague Cllr Joe Moloney (FF), and seconded by Cllr Eddie Bennett (Ind). Cllr Moloney was elected Deputy Mayor, proposed by Cllr Bennett, seconded by Cllr Wood.

“I can say one thing with absolute sincerity: to be Mayor of one’s own town is to me, the single most important post I have earned, and I cherish it deeply,” said Mayor McCarthy. “I look forward to the coming year, with great hope: I know we live in challenging economic times, but we are blessed here in Cashel with some excellent staff.”

Mayor McCarthy said the councillors always put aside their party allegiances to promote the town. The coming year will see a continued focus on jobs, tourism, and employment. The empty building at Cordis is something the Council should try and address, said Mayor McCarthy. “I have been able to contact a former General Manager, who used to work there, who has since been promoted within the (J&J) organisation and who is now in Singapore. I’m not promising anything but it’s an avenue that I intend to pursue. If it succeeded, it could make a tremendous difference to this town. It’s sad to see the factory empty.”

Dr McCarthy recalled 2011/2012 as one of the toughest years for Cashel Town Council since he was first elected to the Chamber in 1979. The year was marked by the deaths of two town councillors in succession, the late Michael Browne and Martin Browne. “They have been missed in every sense of the word. But we are very fortunate in that they have been replaced by people of absolute excellence.”

Cllr McCarthy formally resigned his position on the Cashel Joint Policing Committee, which will now be filled by Cllr Martin Browne (SF).

Outgoing Mayor Maribel Wood said some of the highlights of her term of office included deputising for the late Michael Browne as he fought his illness with courage.

“When I proposed earlier last year that we extend an invitation to Queen Elizabeth, I did so in the hope that it was realised it would have important historical and economic consequences for Cashel far into the future. It’s success and the worldwide media coverage that we received is evidenced in the increased visitor numbers, especially English people, with the latest figures showing an increase of up to 14% at the Rock for the first five months to May.” Other highlights include hosting the EU Charter, along with a range of civic receptions and functions.