Top tidy village Emly goes even greener

In March 2010 Emly Tidy Towns got involved in the Green Homes Project and the village has just been awarded its first Green Homes Award.

In March 2010 Emly Tidy Towns got involved in the Green Homes Project and the village has just been awarded its first Green Homes Award.

Olivia from An Tasice introduced locals to the Green Homes Programme which is an extension from the Green Schools Programme. Emly National School has two Green Flags recently receiving their second Green Flag in Energy Conservation.

They first completed survey one and put it on line. They then had workshops with Olivia on energy, water, transport and waste. As part of energy workshop Emly Tidy Towns took part in the energy vampire challenge and stopped using the dryer, turned off electrical appliances from standby, and turned off lights when not in use, replace bulbs with energy saving bulbs. 12 members of the committee were involved in this and also 30 students from the national school. They had also previously taken part in an energy saving project with South Tipperary County Council and Tipperary Energy Agency where they saved 4% energy over a six month period. They are at present creating a water feature at the end of the village on the hospital road this is going to be run by solar power.

As part of the water conservation they supplied the community with Water Butts at a reduced rate of €45. They also put these water butts on the main street and public building for watering flowers. As a group Emly Tidy Towns decided in homes to turn off the tap when brushing teeth, only fill the kettle for as much as you need, only flush the toilet when you need to and check for leaks. They put in a new water feature in the sensory garden this is run on a sensor therefore the water is conserved and the electricity.

Transport is an issue as they live in the country and have no public transport. For Tidy Towns meetings those of the committee that are in the village walk and people that have to drive car pool. It is also recommended in the national school for people to car pool or walk or cycle where possible.

In the waste management section they took part in the slim your bin challenge. They stopped buying more than they needed, made a shopping list, planned meals and cooked in bulk. Some of the members made their own compost bin. They also made a glass house out of used milk cartons and sweet lids with the school children. As part of the litter collections they segregate the litter and recycle what they can. They also made a recycling bin from recycled material in this area.

As a committee Emly Tidy Towns put together a leaflet on energy, water, transport and waste and distributed it to all in the community and it is also available in local shops.

In November 2010 they completed a Green Homes Project. They were awarded with the Green Home Award on May 26, in hotel Kilkenny.

They are at present starting a new project in doing a waste audit in local business. Five households did this in their home for a week in each house. It was hoped to start this Audit with the businesses in June and complete it by August 2011.

Other projects undertaken by Emly Tidy Towns this year was the erecting of new welcome to Emly Signs which was funded by South Tipperary Development Company and Emly Tidy Towns. These signs were done by signit in Limerick.

They also got our local Emly Iron Works to make a globe of the world to mark the achievements in the Liveable Communities Awards Last year.

They have revamped the recycle centre with a bin and flower pot made from recycled cans. We put our village pump going again and used broken glass as part of our water feature and this feature is worked on a sensor to conserve energy. They put another water feature at the hospital end of the village this is worked off solar power.