Tidy Towns delighted with Special Achievement Award

Members of Cashel Tidy Towns committee (CTTC) were delighted with the results achieved in the 2011 National Tidy Towns Contest, which were announced last week.

Members of Cashel Tidy Towns committee (CTTC) were delighted with the results achieved in the 2011 National Tidy Towns Contest, which were announced last week.

Cashel were awarded 285 points, an increase of 21 points, more than double the target set for this year in their 3 Year Plan! They gained in all categories (except Residential Estates), although even there, they managed to hold their ground.

Although Cashel haven’t quite reached the stage where they might win one of the National Prizes, they have shown that they are well capable of making sufficient effort to challenge the likes of Emly, Lismore and the many other towns, who have done so well over recent years.

Paddy Downey (Chairman of CTTC), noted that in the course of six years Cashel had moved up from a lowly position of 224th in the list, (for towns in our population category) to 114th , one of the highest rates of improvement in the country. Obviously Cashel still have much work to do, however these result show that they can realistically aspire to win a national trophy if this rate of improvement can be maintained.

Cashel, however were mighty pleased to receive a Special Achievement award, which recognised the huge effort made by the community.

Mr Downey said that sincere thanks should go to all those volunteers and the many organisations around Cashel, and especially the schools, who put so much effort into achieving the result. He also noted that the major efforts made by Town Council to improve the appearance of the Cashel – spurred on fortuitously by the imminent arrival of Queen Elizabeth II and also by the impending influx of many Europeans for the celebrations surrounding the European Charter of Rural Communities at the end of June.

Both of these events, which went off so well, showed that Cashel can really ‘do the business’ when the occasion arises. The images shown on TV screens around the world of Queen Elizabeth II’s visit in particular, presented Cashel in a truly glorious manner. In these difficult days, events like these lift the spirits and challenge the soul.

The Adjudication Report highlighted many elements both positive and negative, which will assist the Tidy Towns and Town Council in planning their work over this coming year. A copy of this report will be sent to anyone who would like to see how Cashel fared in each category, (contact Paul on 086 2359886).

One of the elements which gained particular praise indeed was the fact that Cashel schools had achieved ‘Green Flag Status’ under the waste minimisation category. Much credit is due to the teachers, pupils and indeed the school principals for this signal achievement.

The adjudicator noted that Cashel Tidy Towns Committee awards it’s own prizes annually for various categories such as Best Garden, Best Pub Front, Best Estate and Best Shopfront. Cashel Tidy Towns Committee will be announcing this year’s winners at an event to be held in early October – details to be announced later.

Mr Downey repeated his call for more volunteers for this coming year, CTTC really could do with more willing people prepared to give a helping hand – a couple of hours every week from another 10 individuals would make a huge difference.

In particular CTTC would very much appreciate someone who could lead their efforts to improve the results in Wildlife and Natural Amenities category, where they only scored 23 points out of the 50 points available – what a difference an improvement here could make.

Here’s hoping Cashel can make an even better impression on next year’s adjudicator when the Judgement Day arrives.