Fethard Heritage Week 2014 - August 23-30

Fethard Town Wall at Watergate by night
This year’s National Heritage Week will run from Saturday, August 23, to Sunday, August 30

This year’s National Heritage Week will run from Saturday, August 23, to Sunday, August 30

Fethard will join the national effort with Fethard Historical Society co-ordinating a local ‘Heritage Day’ on Friday, August 29.

The day will showcase the unique medieval heritage of the town and also showcase the tremendous community involvement and co-operation that allows locals and visitors alike to walk in the shadow of eight hundred years of history.

Town Model and Grave Slabs on View

In the past two years, the Transition Year students at Patrician Presentation Secondary School, under the direction of art teacher Patricia Looby have carried out two major historical type projects that have attracted national attention. Both the Town Model and the Grave Slab projects will be on view (free of charge) in Old Holy Trinity Church from 10am to 5pm with personnel present to interact with the visitors. The Town Model has already spent many months in the County Museum in Clonmel but is now back in the wonderful setting of the church gallery, which is housed under the great window in the tower of the old Norman church.

This year’s Grave Slab project consists of the full size ‘rubbings’ of 12 carved grave slabs (from the 1500s to the 1700s) which are set in the floor of the church. These very large rubbings have been temporarily mounted on the church walls and their inscriptions have been deciphered and can now be read.

Guided Tours of the Medieval Trail

Backs to the Wall Tours will be conducting two tours of the Medieval Trail of Fethard at 11am and again at 2pm for anyone wishing to find out more about their hometown. The tours last one and half hours and cost €5 per adult with all children going free. Meet at the Foot Bridge in The Valley and there is no need to book, just turn up.

Further information if needed is available on: www.backstothewalltours.com

Country Markets and Craft Walk

Friday, August 29, like all other Fridays is Country Markets day and of course this in itself is historic as Fethard was the first ever Country Market held in Ireland.

The Irish Country Markets idea was initiated by Fethard women, led by Olivia Hughes. One of the original founders, Hannah Leahy, is still involved to this day, a truly remarkable achievement.