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National Spring Clean 2013

National Spring Clean 2013

National Spring Clean takes place between April 1 and 30. The National Spring Clean is Ireland’s largest anti-litter initiative organised by An Taisce and funded by the Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government.

The campaign runs throughout the month of April every year with clean-up events taking place in towns and communities all over the country. Over 500,000 volunteers participated in clean-ups throughout the country last April. Taking part in the National Spring Clean is very straight forward. Organise for a clean-up of your local area, which can take place any time during the month of April, and register your event online or by phone.

Garda Vetting

The Garda Central Vetting Unit is currently experiencing an increase in demand for its services from organisations nationally. The effect this is having on the ground is that the length of time taken to process vetting forms has increased to currently take an average of 13 weeks. Last week they advised that they are working off batches which were received on December 7 last.

The upside is that if you submitted your vetting to the Centre on or before December 1 last it should be in the process of being completed and returned to you shortly. The Centre recognises the levels of frustration with respect to the length of time taken to have volunteers vetted and the impact this is having on the operation of organisations locally, but once our authorised signatory has processed and sent your forms to the vetting unit we cannot influence the time taken to complete the process. The new Vetting Bill has not yet been signed into law but it is envisaged that it will be shortly

Volunteer Centre Text Service

The South Tipperary Volunteer Centre values your personal data and safeguards it in accordance with our Data Protection Policy. New functionality has been added to the database that houses your information allowing centre staff to text message the mobile number on your profile directly from the database. The Centre staff plan to use this functionality to make volunteers and organisations aware of upcoming events or opportunities that may be on interest to them that could not be communicated via our normal channels of email, web and facebook due to time constraints or other special events. You can unsubscribe at any time by replying ‘unsubscribe’ to the text message.

Annual Volunteer Engagement Survey

Volunteer Centres and Volunteer Ireland are in the process of gathering information on how organisations engage and manage volunteers. The information gathered will be used to help Volunteer Centre and Volunteer Ireland plan and define solutions to the highlighted issues. To facilitate this information gathering exercise we would appreciate it if you could take the time to complete a short survey which takes less than five minutes. The information is a vital part of the on-going process to improve the level of services offered by Volunteer Centre’s and Volunteer Ireland at local level.

For the most up to date information from the centre or to sign up to volunteer please check out our website or sign up to our Facebook page or call us on 052 7443407.