Free X-PERT diabetes programme in Tipperary

X-PERT, a free education programme for people with type 2 Diabetes is to take place in Tipperary Town in the coming weeks.

X-PERT, a free education programme for people with type 2 Diabetes is to take place in Tipperary Town in the coming weeks.

Diabetes, particularly type 2 Diabetes, is a major public health issue and is on the rise in Ireland. In order to help address this, HSE Community Dietitians in the South Tipperary area are delivering the X-PERT Programme – an award winning group programme which aims to inform people about their diabetes enabling them to better look after themselves and their condition.

The programme was first developed in the UK and is part of an initiative that is now running all over Ireland. HSE Community Dietitians nationwide are working with local GPs to help people understand how best to manage the condition and reduce the long-term health risks it can bring.

Participants in this education programme in Tipperary Town will be helped to have more control over their diabetes and to improve their health. The programme will commence from Wednesday, April 17, at the Knockanrawley Resource Centre and will continue at that time and venue once weekly for six weeks.

The programme is free of charge to anyone with type 2 diabetes. More programmes in other areas of South Tipperary will be offered later in the year.

Speaking about the programme, Susan Higgins, Community Dietitian Manager, HSE South (East) said: “The motivation for this education programme is due to the prevalence of type 2 Diabetes, which has increased globally in recent years. This is a major cause of concern to health care professionals. The HSE’s Community Dietitians hope that by providing and supporting patients with the knowledge, skills and confidence to self-manage their condition, their health will improve and it will be a win-win situation for all.

“Those with type 2 Diabetes attending one of the free six week programmes will be taught how to better manage their Diabetes. Lifestyle issues such as excess body weight, alcohol, diet, smoking and lack of exercise are crucial to managing diabetes. People may be unsure about attending a group session but feedback to date from those who attended previous programmes has been extremely positive.

“The X—PERT programme is free, it’s informal and participants get a handbook of information. If you are interested in attending the programme in Tipperary Town or are interested in finding out about programmes in your area please phone Maureen Murray, Community Dietitian at 0872261317.”