Drama at Inish - Aherlow group's new season

Lennox Robinson's "Drama at Inish" will grace the stage at Lisvernane Community Hall, January 21, 22 & 23, 2011.

Lennox Robinson's "Drama at Inish" will grace the stage at Lisvernane Community Hall, January 21, 22 & 23, 2011.

The Abbey Theatre Players, on their first ever visit to Tipperary Town, presented this very popular three-act comedy at the Savoy Cinema on July 15, 1940. In spite of wartime rationing of petrol the house was packed and The Nationalist review mentioned the 'long line of cars' as an indication of the unquestionable dedication of the local patrons to supporting their national theatre. How lovely is it to record that the generous support of local patrons for live theatre has not waned over the intervening years?

The enthusiastic reception given to the production of "The Whiteheaded Boy" also by Lennox Robinson, three seasons ago, is the most obvious explanation for this year's choice of play. Most rural drama groups play selection process is hampered by a limited membership. Aherlow Drama Group's membership grows at such a rate that this year's cast list sports no less than seven new members. The very best way to welcome new members is in print! Maebh O Gorman, Patrick Grogan Ryan, Elaine Beattie, Emma Darcy, Sean Quin, Tracy O Brien, Daniel O Connell, "You are most heartily Welcome."

Welcome is also extended to John Whyte in his new role as director this season and to the not so new members of the cast who like John have served the group well over all the years.

The play "Drama at Inish" pokes fun at small-town audiences for their lack of sophistication re dramatic convention. They appear unable to discern the difference between drama and reality. Herein lies the fun of the play. It also looks at actors and their theatrical styles. The troupe of strolling players who are central to the play are self-absorbed, over stated and somewhat absurd. The sharp contrast between them and the locals provides more material for comedy. You are guaranteed a good night's entertainment at the hands of this well rehearsed, enthusiastic, dedicated, talented group of players.