New offices mooted as location for all-Tipp County Council HQ

Aileen Hahesy

Aileen Hahesy

Tipperary town’s political leaders are campaigning for their town to secure the headquarters of the county’s new unified county council.

The elected members of Tipperary Town Council have decided to make a submission putting the case for the headquarters of the new joint local authority to be located in Tipperary to the Implementation Group overseeing the merger.

And the Rosanna Road site where the €20m Tipperary Civic Offices and the Department of Justice’s Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service section is being suggested as a possible location for the merged county council headquarters by the councillor, who first mooted the idea.

Councillors unanimously resolved at a recent meeting of the Town Council to lobby for Tipperary Town to become the county’s seat of local government.

Independent Cllr Denis Leahy, who proposed the idea at the Town Council meeting, said there will be a lot of bitterness and unrest created if either Nenagh or Clonmel are chosen as the headquarters of the new merged county council.

“There will be a lot of unrest in whichever part of the county loses out. I think with the new united Co. Council you will have to have a new approach, a new building and new location.

“If you have to have a new headquarters building then Tipperary Town should be the location. The town is fairly central and it also bears the name of the county. “

And he pointed to the Tipperary Civic Offices and Department of Justice’s INIS offices that are currently under construction on an eight acre site in Rosanna Road in Tipperary as a possible location for the new Co. Council headquarters. He believes economies of scale can be achieved to accommodate the headquarters on the site.

He rejects the argument that building a new county council headquarters in a new location will be a waste of public money.

“This would be a building that will stand for the next 100 years. It will be money well spent. We will never see another change.”

The Office of Public Works said the site on Rosanna Road was tailored to accommodate the two buildings under construction at present. The feasibility of including a further civic office building on the site was not considered.