Drink safely - tips for Halloween

drink safely

drink safely

With Halloween fast approaching, drinkaware.ie is reminding the people of Tipperary about the importance of staying safe and not overdoing it, and has provided a number of useful hints and tips to help people do so.

“If you choose to drink this Halloween, the message is ‘Pace Yourself’,” said Fionnuala Sheehan, Chief Executive of drinkaware.ie.

“Recent studies have shown that although Irish people drink less often than our European counterparts, we tend to drink too much and too fast when we do. Slowing down and pacing yourself – having food and water between drinks, for example – allows you to enjoy the night’s events for longer, and to wake up feeling refreshed and hydrated the next day.”

Ms Sheehan also emphasised the importance of remembering the ‘morning after’ effect this Friday. “The reality is that many of us still do not think about what we drank the night before when we get in the car the following morning. It takes your body about an hour to get rid of one standard drink. That’s one hour for a half a pint, or a small glass of wine, or a pub measure of spirits. So do the maths the morning after Halloween, and if you don’t think that you’re okay to drive, then don’t risk it.

Halloween hints and tips from drinkaware.ie

·Figuring out how to get home at 3am on Halloween night – scary thought! Instead, before you go out, plan how to get home using public transport or a taxi and keep aside enough money to get home safely.

·Booze and bonfires don’t mix. Ask a non-drinker to look after the bonfire, or wait until they are over before having a drink.

·Eat a meal before drinking. With pumpkin pie, bobbing apples, barmbrack, and sweets everywhere you look, there’s no excuse for going hungry on Halloween.

· Pace yourself with something non-alcoholic every few drinks. You’ll stay refreshed, feel energised, and be much more likely to last past the witching hour.

·Don’t make drinking the only activity. There are loads of other events happening this year, from ghost tours to scary movie marathons to Halloween festivals. Check out ReclaimYourWeekend.ie for great free activities.