Cabinet approves new five seat Tipp constituency

Aileen Hahesy

Aileen Hahesy

The Cabinet formally approved the amalgamation of North and South Tipperary electoral constituencies at its meeting yesterday (Tuesday).

The decision means that the general election three seater constituencies or South and North Tipperary will become a single five-seater constituency.

Discussions were also taking place at the Cabinet meeting in relation to local government reform including the abolition of South Tipperary’s three town councils. No decision had been reached at the time of going to press.

Fine Gael TD Tom Hayes said the creation of a single Tipperary electoral constituency will be a huge challenge for the county’s public representatives, who will now have to serve what is effectively two counties and get to know the issues in both north and south Tipperary.

“It will be a big job but it’s part of the reform of our country and I will go along with it and welcome what is happening,” he said.