Call for CCTV system to cut down on anti-social behaviour in Tipperary town

Tipperary councillors want CCTV installed in the town to cut down on the high level of anti-social behaviour.

Tipperary councillors want CCTV installed in the town to cut down on the high level of anti-social behaviour.

Cllr. Denis Leahy proposed that the ‘Council unanimously call on the Minister for Justice to approve funding in order that CCTV can be installed at the agreed locations throughout the Town.’ He said he was tabling this motion in light of the high number of anti-social incidents in the town and that this might act as some deterrent.

Cllr. Leahy had earlier in the meeting put forward two notices of motion concerning the provision of a light on the laneway adjacent to No.17 O’Connell Road and also the removal of steps in the Abbey Street car park due to serious anti-social behaviour taking place in both areas.

He said that it was particularly serious in the Abbey Street car park area and that he had been approached by businesses and residents in the area concerning youths congregating in the area, drinking parties, cars and vans being vandalised, property being damaged, litter, intimidating staff and recently the Fire brigade had to be called.

Cllr. Leahy said he was seeking the removal of these steps as they were no longer necessary for access to the car park and had also been physically damaged.

He said they were very unfortunate that they were last in the schedule for CCTV and because of the economic climate has now been put on hold. However he said it was because of this economic climate and the reduction of Gardai on the streets that people needed cameras. ‘People need solace and comfort and they get that from the CCTV’, added Cllr. Leahy.

Cllr. Brian Rafferty said that he was also aware of difficulties in St. Michael Street regarding vandalism to cars and that the residents were investigating the possibility of installing their own CCTV in the area. He added that he was also aware that the town of Kanturk, Co. Cork had installed their own system.

Responding Mr. Mark Ryan told the members that the CCTV application submitted to what was the Department of Justice and Rural Affairs is still very much alive and that he is keeping a close watching brief it.

Mayor Ruadhri Devitt enquired as to how much installing a CCTV system would cost. Town Engineer Aidan Finn estimated that it would cost in the region of €150,000. ‘That is a small price to pay to see that people are safe on our streets and in their homes,’ added Cllr. Leahy.

Mr. Finn said that any CCTV system would have to be installed in partnership with the Gardai and would have to be based in the Town Council offices. However he said they could look at a costing of it. Concluding Cllr. Leahy said that he would also raise the matter with the local Oireachtas members.