Tipp protest march calls for boycott of Israeli products

Protesters against the war in Gaza, marching up Main Street, Tipperary Town on Saturday.   PHOTO - Caitriona Kenny Photography.
A protest march to highlight the killing of so many civilians by Israeli attacks on Gaza was held in Tipperary town on Saturday.

A protest march to highlight the killing of so many civilians by Israeli attacks on Gaza was held in Tipperary town on Saturday.

The protestors, from Tipperary town and Cashel, said they wanted to do something, to speak out, to take action against the killing of women and children in Gaza.

“We need to do something practical to damage Israel’s interests and we can do that in Tipperary Town by boycotting all Israeli products such as potatoes in a local store that are grown in occupied territory belonging to the Palestinian people and sold here in Ireland under Israeli labels,” said protestor Tim Noonan who owns a framing shop in Tipp Town.

“I would ask all Tipperary people to boycott all Israeli products and damage their economy because we cannot do it by military ways so we can do it by another way to make them take account of what they are doing.”

Young brothers Fergal and Conor McNamara, spoke passionately against the killing of innocent civilians in Gaza.

“I feel sad... sadness is my biggest emotion about what is happening in Gaza at the moment,” said young Fergal.

“The people of Palestine have nobody. The Israelis have most of the powerful governments backing them and they have a large army and weapons being funded by the USA but all the Palestinians have is the power of the people.

“I don’t want people like us to underestimate the Power of the People. It ended the war in Vietnam, it brought about great change in regards to civil rights in America for African Americans, it ended Apartheid in South Africa and it brought peace to Northern Ireland.

“The US are blocking the UN from putting sanctions in place so we, the people, need to hit them where it hurts, which is the pocket and boycott all Israeli products.”

As the protestors settled on the Main Street between the two banks and around Charles Kickham statue, passing cars honked their horns in support of the rally as Fergal McNamara voiced the power of the people.

Cindy Wilson, who is originally from America and now living in Bansha, became emotional as she spoke to the Nationalist.

“I’m here today to support the Palestinians and stop the genocide of innocent children and civilians by Israel. I’m tired of all the lies that the news media is putting out there.

“They are mostly for the Israelis and I’m mad. I’m so mad and I’m so upset to see innocent children being killed by this psycho regime – it brings me to tears.”

A theme of the rally was the alleged failure of mainstream national and world media to report all the atrocities taking place in Palestine.

The protesters spoke about the failure of mainstream media who they feel to be hiding the atrocity of the killing of innocent women and children.

“If it wasn’t for social media, the world wouldn’t know what was really going on,” said Gerard Lawless from Tipperary Town, who organised the protest march with the help of Cllr. Martin Browne and the IPSC (Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign).

Tony Black and Colin English were also part of the protest.

“I’m here to support the boycott on Israel and to show our public opinion and that it’s not just the government’s decision that this should continue to happen,” said Colin.