Move to link up pets with older people

Anne Doyle with rescued dog Chico during a recent visit to the ISPCA National Animal Centre. Photo by Carmel Murray
Dear Editor,

Dear Editor,

The ISPCA is proud to launch a community based programme that provides pet companionship and support for senior citizens who may not have adequate social interaction or live in isolation.

The ISPCA’s Mo Chara adoption scheme offers a wonderful opportunity to team up elderly people with older and more settled pets that may have been over looked in favour of cute puppies and kittens.

The initiative breaks down barriers of elderly pet ownership and reinforces why seniors should adopt a pet for companionship.

Animals at the National Animal Centre will be behaviour tested by our experienced staff to ensure the most suitable pet is matched with the right home.

The adoption donation is waived and if any circumstances change, the pet can be returned to the National Animal Centre.


Barbara Bent

ISPCA Chairperson