Well done PAWS Animal Rescue

well done paws

well done paws

Dear Editor,

Recently I brought my grandchild aged ten to PAWS Animal Rescue to pick out a puppy.

Well I must say, the courtesy and kindness we received from the staff was exceptional.

The compound is a credit to them. The beautiful dogs have the best of shelter and food and they are treated like kings and queens.

Take a bow, PAWS, you deserve an Oscar.

I have been in other places but PAWS is tops, the place was spotless. I never expected it to be such a fabulous shelter. I must say I was truly impressed.

Lots of people were coming and going and everyone with a smile on their face.

Needless to say, we are nation of knockers and begrudgers. How they keep going is beyond belief as the cost of keeping the shelter open must be crazy.

We didn’t take a puppyl as my sister’s dog had two beautiful Yorkshire Terriers and promised our grandchild one when it’s ready.

But I must sincerely thank the terrific staff of PAWS for the kindness they showed to us.

Next time I ever seen PAWS fundraising I will be the first to donate because, honest to God, how they keep that shelter open is unbelievable.


Myles and Mary Kavanagh,

2 Thomas Street,