In a time of crisis, heroes come to the fore

Editor's Comment

Throughout these pages we document the dreadful impact that flooding had across large swathes of South Tipperary in the past week.

After weeks of heavy rain, Storm Frank finally tipped the scales and the swollen River Suir spread out beyond its banks.

Clonmel, Carrick-on-Suir, Kilsheelan, Ardfinnan, Newcastle and many areas in between were among those worst affected.

The flood defences held firm in Clonmel and spared the town centre but that was little consolation to flooded families in Kilganey. That might also have been the view in Carrick where flooding wreaked havoc - did the swollen river virtually by-passing Clonmel impact on the town further downriver, people asked.

Questions remain to be answered but the one positive thing to emerge over the past week was the community spirit shown throughout the county. When people needed help most, there was always someome to help.

So a huge thank you to everyone who did Tipperary proud in the most extreme of weather conditons - to families, friends and neighbours of those most affected, to local authority staff, to the fire service, the Gardai, the wonderful Civil Defence and Red Cross, other voluntary groups, and the Army who travelled from Kilkenny to ferry people from Kilmacomma into Clonmel.

Carrick-on-Suir River Rescue remained on duty even though their own premises were ravaged by the floods.

The orderly, efficient and compassionate way Kilganey residents were evacuated on Saturday night and transported to the Clonmel Park Hotel was a tribute to all the emergency and voluntary services involved.

There were countless such acts of mercy across the county and those involved deserve all our thanks and gratitude. They are all heroes.