Importance of exercise for children

An inactive lifestyle is leading to an ever increasing number of overweight and out of shape adults.

An inactive lifestyle is leading to an ever increasing number of overweight and out of shape adults.

Unfortunately more and more children are also facing the same challenges. Plenty of exercise is so important for children especially when they are still developing their bodies and minds.

Exercise for children can be as simple as allowing them to have some “play time” outside everyday. It does not have to be an organised sport, simply allowing kids to run and jump freely outside is exercise. Parents need to limit tv time and set a good example by been active parens also!!! Not all children enjoy competition and children at a young age who do not understand competition should be allowed to enjoy sport and games in a fun way. Parents need to think outside the box if finding it hard to encourage your kids to take part in exercise, have patience it may take some trial and error. You will find once kids are enjoying an activity they will stick to it, if they are pushed into something they do not enjoy you will find they will give up as they feel they are no good and sometimes this can lead them to believe they cannot take part in any physiacal activity. FUN is the key factor.


While everyone will benefit from any type of exercise, kids who are active wll

Have stronger bones and muscles.

Are less likey to become over weight

Decreases the risk of getting diabetes

Lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels

They will sleep better

Have a better out loofk on life

Will be better able to handle physical and emotional challenges.

It is recommended that children aged 2 and over should take part in at least 60 minutes of physiacl activity everyday. If 60 minutes is not possible then two 30 minute sessions or four 15 minute sessions. These exercise times should be appropriate to their age and gender and remember think FUN FUN FUN all of the time and once you see they are not having fun anymore then it is time to stop this activity.


Going for a walk


Trip to the park

Rock climbing

Running around the garden

Playing football

Remember kids love when their parents get involved and play with them. Inactive children are more likely to become inactive adults.

Kool school offers schools our fitness programmes to pre-schools, primary schools and secondary schoold. Our programme covers all of the P.E. curriculum including games, dance,gymnastics,athletics and outdoor adventure. We cover all of these through non competeitive ideas to ensure all kids are happy to take part and enjoy them. We also run after school programmes in Grange, Kilsheelan, Grangemockler and Clonmel. Camps during holiday times, including Halloween, Easter, and Summer. Our next camp will run over the halloween break from Mon 28th Oct.