Clonmel student's shock at the price of food



Clonmel student's shock at the price of food

Some of the first year BSc Creative Multimedia students at Limerick Institute of Technology Clonmel who are involved in South Tipp Today's Student Hub.

Moving away from home for the first time is difficult enough with having to think of what you need and how to get it to your new place, writes LIT Clonmel student Catriona Lenihan in South Tipp Today.

Never mind the added worries of how you might get on and if you’ll fit in and make friends in the alien place. When you’ve been depending solely on your mother’s cooking for the past 18 years of your existence, then things become much harder. After one full week I finally realised that I cannot live on oven pizzas and that I must learn how to do more than shove a pizza in the oven and call it dinner.

With that revelation, I needed to go out into the unknown world of grocery shopping. Having left my mother to do my shopping in the past, I didn’t truly realise the expense of food until I was face to face with the prices. I quickly learnt that the offers are my best friends and after 6pm some supermarkets are basically throwing out food. Some have leaflets that show the current deals, such as apples that were €1.49 at €0.49 for one week. Each place offers different food for different prices so, like everything else, it’s best to shop around and find what you like for the best value. Although having to walk all around town to find groceries does wear me out, I feel like I cancel out that day’s dinner. In a way it’s a win-win, albeit a tiring one.

So, I have the food. I’ve spent hours going around investigating each shop for different deals. However, I’m not any wiser with what to do with it. I conducted research in the forms of friends, labels on food containers, YouTube and random websites. On one website, I learnt to make glorious pancakes using only one medium ripe banana and two large eggs. I know, it sounds mad! However, they’re real and they taste good along with being healthy. They are honestly one of the best things I’ve ever discovered. But that was just breakfast, and for dinner I leant how to make a stir-fry from the back of a black bean sauce jar I picked up at the supermarket.

For someone who moved from home without ever doing more than heating something up in an oven or buying a roll during lunch, the thought of cooking and buying groceries seemed scarier than spiders. However, I can now buy food on a budget and cook, somewhat, much to the surprise of everyone who knows me.