'Ah it's grand, I'm a foreigner' - Slovenia woman's Clonmel experience





'Ah it's grand, I'm a foreigner' - Slovenia woman's Clonmel experience

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Moving from Slovenia to an English-speaking country to pursue my studies seemed easy, writes LIT Clonmel student Teja Solar in South Tipp Today.

I mean, I know the language well, or so I thought until people started talking to me with a heavy accent. I learnt that I don't actually need to respond to people greeting me with ‘Well, how are ya?’. Pretty sure the Penny's cashier doesn't care about my well-being.

Experiencing all four seasons in a day is often a rule rather a weather phenomenon. You may catch yourself being dangerously optimistic in the morning, spotting a speck of sun and deciding a skirt is a good idea. Don’t be fooled, take those jeans with you or you will find yourself standing in a cold puddle of misery by the end of the afternoon. I also learnt 20 degrees Celsius is considered ‘roastin’. Being used to 35 degrees Celsius or more during summer,  I find it a bit chilly and suitable for a thin cardigan, but it’s not worth having an argument over.

Just like driving - I’m sorry but you lovely people drive on the wrong side of the road! My near fatal accidents remind me of that every day when I'm crossing one-way roads and always looking the wrong way. Even though I have a driver's licence, I'll do everyone a favour and stick to walking. I would rather be late to class than cause a pile up.

Being on time is not a thing anyways. ‘Oh, your bus leaves in five minutes? It’s grand, you have at least 10 extra minutes, have a Tayto sandwich’. My body says no, but my heart screams yes and that’s all that matters.

Everything is always grand. ‘You spilt your juice? It's grand don't worry’. ‘You forgot your glasses? It's grand, take mine’. ‘You set the fire alarm off inside the entire apartment complex building because you burnt your cookies in the oven? Ah it’s grand dear, are you alright? Did you get hurt?’. At this point I'm not sure if you're all super nice or just don't care.

I think it’s a mixture of both. Irish people seem to be just the right amount of ‘minding their own business’ while still showing care and concern, always accompanied by humour and heavy sarcasm. And that’s grand!