Tipperary Awards Ceremony - great pride and sense of achievement

Back Row: Bernadette Corbett, Jerry Vaughan, AnneMarie McDonald, Philomena Quinn, Tomasz JanasFront Row: Margaret Chan, Carol Moloney, Sharon Magee, Margaret Hickey
There was a great atmosphere of excitement, pride and sense of achievement at the 2013 presentation of FETAC awards at

There was a great atmosphere of excitement, pride and sense of achievement at the 2013 presentation of FETAC awards at

Knockanrawley Resource Centre recently.

Sean McSweeney Director of KRC made a speech congratulating all the participants. “We’re delighted that sixty people are receiving certificates tonight at Knockanrawley. It’s one of the biggest groups we’ve ever had and it’s a huge achievement for everyone involved.”

The FETAC awards were presented for five programmes: Information Technology Skills, Metal Craft (Welding), Nutrition & Healthy Options, Outdoor Skills and KITE, funded by BTEI, Department of Social Protection and FÁS. Eleven learners were awarded IT Skills Certificates at Level 4, 15 learners were awarded Nutrition & Healthy Option at Level 3, 11 learners were awarded Outdoor Skills at Level 3 and 9 learners were awarded Metal Craft at Level 4.

“Without continued funding we at Knockanrawley Resource Center would not be in a position to offer these learning opportunities to you the learners,” said Josephine O’Donnell KITE Course Coordinator. “The first step to Adult Education can take you on a journey that far exceeds your expectations.”

Last years learners progressed to a range of options ranging from FETAC Level 5 to the Access Course in the University of Limerick. Others learners secured Community Employment Schemes while some secured mainstream employment.

Course participant Paul Codd completed the KITE course this year and progressed to an Access course in the University of Limerick. “I would say to anyone out there, even if you have not done well in school (personally I hated school), that there are options and second chances. KITE really gave me huge confidence; it was hard work at the time but now it’s paying off. I’m doing a course that I love with real opportunities to carve a career in Computer Games Development.”

The KITE programme is a 40 week return to work / education course, funded by FÁS, running from September to June each year. Eleven learners were awarded the FETAC Level 4 Major Award in General Learning while all the other learners were awarded minor awards.

“FÁS have been funding the Local Training Initiative in Knockanrawley Resource Center for many years, but tonight is all about you the learner,” said John Murphy Community Development Officer FÁS. “I’d like to acknowledge your hard work, and I’m delighted to be here to celebrate your achievement”

After the presentation of certificates the group enjoyed a buffet and spoke about their future plans.

“We’re very proud of the fact they have done it; we’re proud of them and for them and wish them every success in the future,” added Director KRC Sean McSweeney.