HSE brings Suicide Awareness course to Carrick-on-Suir

The HSE is running a Suicide Awareness training course in Carrick-on-Suir over the next month.

The HSE is running a Suicide Awareness training course in Carrick-on-Suir over the next month.

The course will take place at the Nano Nagle Community Resource Centre, Greenside over three successive Monday nights.

The first session on Monday, September 17 will be facilitated by John, Kennedy, Training/Development Officer at the South East Region Suicide Resource Office.

It will start at 7pm with the first hour focussing on providing an overview of suicide, myths, motives and self harm.

The second hour will include an attitudes workshop followed by suicide risk factors, warning signs and indicators.

The session will close with questions and answers.

The second session on Monday, September 24 will be a three and a half hours suicide alertness programme called Safe Talk.

The session, which will commence at 6.30pm, will prepare participants to be suicide alert helpers during which you will learn how to provide practical help to persons with thoughts of suicide.

Participants should expect to leave Safe Talk more willing and able to perform an important helping role for those with thoughts of suicide.

Opportunities to help a person with thoughts of suicide are sometimes missed, dismissed and avoided.

By attending Safe Talk, you will want persons with suicidal thoughts to invite your help and you will learn the TALK steps (tell, ask, listen and keepsafe) and will be able to activate a suicide alert.

As part of the Keepsafe steps, you connect persons with thoughts of suicide to persons trained in suicide intervention.

At the Safe Talk session, participants expect to be challenged, expect to have feelings and expect to be hopeful.

Participants will see powerful reminders of why it is important to be suicide alert.

They will ask questions, enter discussions, learn clear and practical information on what to do and practice the TALK steps.

The second session concludes with practice in activating a suicide alert and is also facilitated by John Kennedy.

The concluding session of hte course on Monday, October 1 from 7pm to 9pm deals with suicide bereavement and will be facilitated by HSE Suicide Resource Officer Sean McCarthy.

Suicide has been described as one of the leading public health challenges facing Ireland.

For each individual who dies by suicide there are at least six people that are significantly impacted by the death.

Workplaces, organisations and communities are also impacted upon as people and professionals find it difficult to engage with the bereaved, therefore missing an opportunity to provide support to them.

This workshop is targeted at providing information to people that will empower them in helping people and communities that have been bereaved through suicide.