Bog Field must be developed for benefit of Carrick-on-Suir

Dear Editor,

Dear Editor,

Recently we held a meeting in our local community centre where we received unanimous support from a wide range of local people in our ongoing request to have an area known as the Bog Field and Navigation Channel designated as a river side walk and park cum recreation area for the benefit of all, locals, visitors and tourists.

This area of land bounds the River Suir from Dillon Bridge eastwards to the Navigation. It is a beautiful natural arena with the hill as a background and the Suir meandering along the front.

We asked all of our public representatives to support us; each and everyone of them agreed. The next step was to send our submission to be entered in the Town Plan, which is being compiled for the next five years.

We were told last year that funding would be available to us provided the Council supported us. The Council is the owner of most of this land. Everybody who watches television or reads a newspaper will note that every town and village in Ireland is utilising their river, canal or lake for the benefit of their people and the greater enhancement of their area with tourism in mind and the spin off of job creation.

This was not to be in Carrick-on-Suir where the council failed to give a lead to the Carrickbeg Development Group to find a way to create and develop a recreation and amenity area. We were told that the Town Council did not have title to that area even though there are people encroaching onto it without title.

We now call on our public representatives, business people and you the people to join us once more and ask our Town Hall officials to reverse this grave and erroneous decision and not set our project back another five years.

Carrick-on-Suir is sometimes known as the town of the lanes. Remember our greatest lane is the oldest one - the Suir our shipping lane.

Think Carrick/Think Tourism/Think The Gathering.


Carrickbeg Development Committee.