County Clare based artist Deirdre O’Mahony is currently working with the South Tipperary Rural Arts Group on a temporary installation and exhibition event to be held Burncourt Community Hall on Thursday, June 27, entitled “The River Culture Pop-Up Space”

The installation and exhibition is a collective effort by the artist, the South Tipperary Rural Arts Group, local fisher folk, hunters and the South Tipperary County Museum to assemble a collection of museum objects and local collections of tools, flies, rods, traps and hunting and fishing related materials that speak of the specific culture of river life on the Suir and its surroundings. The artist has interviewed local fisher folk and hunters and these provide the soundtrack to a DVD projection in the shed behind the community hall. This will be shown in tandem with a demonstration of how to smoke fish and also allow those attending to partake of venison burgers on Thursday, June 27. There will be a talk at 7.30pm by Deirdre O’Mahony on the X-PO Project, which she initiated in a former rural post office in Kilnaboy, Co. Clare in 2007.

This event will be part of the launch of the South Tipperary Rural international Cultural Festival which will include an “Inspiring Rural Creativity” Seminar on Friday, June 28, which will also be held in Burncourt Community Hall followed by a “Gathering at the Crossroads “at the Farmhouse Pub, Graigue on Friday night.

“The River Culture Pop-Up Space” will be open to all June 28 to 30.

This exhibition will be of interest not only to those involved in the pursuits of fishing and hunting but to anyone interested in the memorabilia of rural life in the past. South Tipperary Rural Arts Group is very appreciative of the great efforts being made by fishermen and hunters from the South Tipperary locality for their enthusiastic response to the sourcing of materials.


Burncourt Community Council will hold a Sponsored Walk next Sunday, June 16. Funds raised will be used towards repair work to the back roof of the Community Hall. The walk will commence at the car park in Glengarra Wood at 2.30pm.


Burncourt National School Parents’ Association will hold a church gate collection next weekend. Your support would be much appreciated as all funds raised will be used for ongoing improvements to and equipment for the local school.


Preparations continue for Burncourt’s Gathering Festival to be held from July 12th to July 21st. It’s great to see more people getting involved in the lead up and indeed any other volunteers would be welcome to attend the next meeting on July 19 at 8.30pm.