Table Quiz rescheduled

Table Quiz rescheduled

As a mark of respect to the late Johnny English of Upper Burncourt, who passed away recently, and to his family, the School Parents’ Association has rescheduled the fund-raising table quiz to March 3 at 9.30 pm sharp at Jacksons. Johnny has no less than five grandchildren attending Skeheenarinky School. On behalf of the community we extend sincere sympathy to Johnny’s family. May he rest in peace.

Defibrillator meeting

A very successful Cardiac First Responder training session took place in Skeheenarinky School on Monday 20th Feb. Eighteen local people came forward for training or retraining and these are now certified to access the AED (Defibrillator) machine on the wall at O’Gormans shop or the machine in Ballyporeen. They are also certified to respond to emergencies such as heart-attacks and to administer CPR and use the AED machine. Donal Lonergan and Michael Hickey of Clonmel Heartsaver Group gave freely of their time to give the course and are deserving of our thanks. Jim O’Brien of Ballyporeen and Seanie Crotty are to be complimented for organising the evening. In the event of an emergency you should dial 999 and ask for the ambulance service.

Red Poll

No, it’s not another political survey but the name of a bird that has been visiting our bird-table in Skeheenarinky in recent weeks. A member of the finch family, it looks remarkably like a sparrow but with a finch-like beak and a distinctive red patch on its head. Hence the name – Red Poll. Other birds at the table this week include gold finches, green finches, seskins, blue tits, great tits, and coal tits, as well as the hedge sparrow or dunnock and the common house sparrow. Robins and wrens are also seen frequently in the garden. A pair of wood-pigeons nest annually in an ivy covered tree and it looks like this year will be no exception.

Dr. Michael Herlihy

Skeheenarinky district community would like to offer their condolences to the family of the late Dr. Michael Herlihy of Mitchelstown who passed away recently. Dr. Herlihy was a popular and highly respected G.P. who had many friends and patients in this locality. May he rest in peace.

Wasps Nest

Throughout summer 2011, Galty Cottage was the home to large numbers of wasps that flew unceasingly under a particular slate and into the roof space. Recently a kind neighbour ventured into the attic and removed the now dormant nest and what a ‘natural wonder’ it turned out to be. Layer upon layer of a highly decorative, papery substance built with extraordinary skill and up to ten floors supported on pillars that rivalled the Mitchelstown cave in design if not in size. It seemed almost a shame to damage it but it was necessary to remove it. It was 65 centimetres long by 35 cm high and 30 cm wide


Guess which Skeheenarinky Lady celebrated her eighteenth birthday recently. Pictured above at the age of two. Happy Birthday from her thoughtful family!