Flower Show Social Evening: The Flower Show Social Evening will take place on Saturday 4th August - 9.30 at Jacksons. Music will be provided by John Geary.

Flower Show Social Evening: The Flower Show Social Evening will take place on Saturday 4th August - 9.30 at Jacksons. Music will be provided by John Geary.

Refreshments, Cakes, Raffle, etc. will all make for a very enjoyable get-together.

Skeheenarinky Water Supply News

The Minister for the Environment, Community and Local Government, has given approval to South Tipperary County Council to invite tenders for the construction of Water Treatment Plants in Burncourt & Fethard … at a current estimated cost of EUR16.7 m.

The proposed works in Burncourt & Fethard will include the construction of new water treatment plants, new service reservoirs, the development of existing and new water sources and ancillary services. The Council are also proposing some improvements to the water distribution networks in the towns and schemes concerned and this is currently at planning.

At a recent meeting, Cllr. Marie Murphy asked whether South Tipperary County Council was still on target to finish the scheme in Burncourt/Glengarra by the end of 2013 and was told by Mr Jimmy Harney that the scheme was on schedule. People in Skeheenarinky area who have been on boil notices for several years will be watching anxiously to see if the 2013 deadline can be met.

Cards: 1st Breda Nolan and Michael McGrath. 2nd Tom Caplice and Willie Walsh.

3rd and 4th Mick Brown and Teresa Quinn; Ned Condon and Mick Walsh; Fr. Joe Flynn and James Fox. Lucky Tables: Eily Conway and Una McGrath; Francie Fitzgerald. Raffle: Hannah Luddy; Mary Hyland; Hannah Hickey; Brigid O’Brien; Jack Shealy.

Community Alert: Letters have been sent to the four area County Councillors regarding concerns in our area. Speed limits especially on the Castle Road passing the school gates, the non-functioning school warning-lights,, and the defaced signs on the Caves Road were all highlighted.

Incidents of vandalism were reported on a weekend in June at three homes in the vicinity of the Caves Road. A rubbish bin was taken down the road and thrown into the hedge. A gate was thrown into a field, and caps were removed from a wall and broken on the road. The committee encourages residents to report such episodes to the Gardai.

Flower Show: Less than one month to go the Skeheenarinky Flower Show, and gardeners are having to work hard to ensure their flowers and vegetables are in tip-top form just at the right time. It’s been difficult to work in the garden in the recent wet weather and of course, slugs are always a problem when everything is wet. Luckily, some of the flower classes allow ‘bought flowers’ to be used but do read the rules just to be sure! One of the new photography classes this year is ‘Water, Water, everywhere!’ How appropriate! However, in spite of the rain, the

excitement is building for another wonderful show and already craftspeople, gardeners, bakers, photographers and artists are making plans to take part in the region’s Premier Flower Show. Don’t forget the date! Saturday, 11th August. Entry forms and booklets available from Niamh and Billy at Kilbehenny Shop or from Chairman Doug 086 8051564.

Photography at Flower Show: As well as the above mentioned ‘Water Water Everywhere’ class in the photography division there are classes for the following: ‘Garden Ornament’; ‘Irish Wildlife’; ‘Chimneys’ (3 Photos mounted as a panel or series); ‘My Pet’; ‘A Woodland Scene’; ‘Dereliction’; and ‘My Garden’. Why not enter all classes and try for the Skeheenarinky Flower Show Photography Cup? Modesty prevents me from naming the 2011 winner!

Black Road Deer

As well as having to contend with rabbits and wet weather, one Black Road gardener reports a deer in the garden recently. No matter how picturesque the scene, a deer is certainly not a welcome visitor in the garden. On a positive note, the deer could be the subject of a photograph in the ‘Irish Wildlife’ class at the Show!