Liam Hogan selflessly shared his time and talent

Brewery Lane Theatre Group co-founder Liam Hogan, who has passed away.
Brewery Lane Theatre Group is deeply saddened at the sudden death of its co-founder Liam Hogan.

Brewery Lane Theatre Group is deeply saddened at the sudden death of its co-founder Liam Hogan.

When Liam qualified as a teacher there were two teaching posts offered to him, Torquay in England and CBS Carrick-on-Suir.

He chose Carrick and arrived in the late 1940s from his native Co.Laois. Liam was a popular and well liked teacher and had the gift of instilling a love of learning in his pupils. The young Carrick boys had a penchant for conferring nicknames and within a short time of his arrival, he had the name ‘Handsome’ bestowed upon him by his observant charges. Not alone was he handsome, he was gifted as well.

Liam enriched the cultural and educational life of the town. He directed his pupils towards drama and produced his first play Lady Gregory’s “The Rising of the Moon” in the Town Hall in 1952. The cast of that fifth year school play included Liam Clancy.

Both Liams went on to found the Carrick Drama Group in 1955 with a production of “The Playboy of the Western World”. Liam Clancy was the Playboy and Liam Hogan directed and played the role of Old Mahon.

Over the next 55 years, Liam directed numerous plays and was the Drama Group’s mentor and guiding light.

He took delight in the purchase of the old Malthouse at Brewery Lane in 1976 and its gradual refurbishment. He believed in the importance of continuity and that it was part of a director’s job “to make himself obselete’ and make way for young people to come to the fore.

Liam’s last visit to Brewery Lane was three days before his death to attend the Group’s latest production ‘Same Old Moon’. He was particularly pleased to see 16 cast members on stage. Whether as an educator or in the cultural field, he had the rare gift of inspiring enthusiasm.

Liam Hogan was one of those selfless people who shared their time and their talents with the local community.He will be sorely missed by all privileged to know him. The members of Brewery Lane Theatre Group convey their heartfelt condolences to Mai, son Gerard, daughter Maria, grandchildren. son-in-law, daughter-in-law, siblings and extended family. Solus na bhFlaitheas Dá Anam Dílis.