Cashel has ‘worst Christmas lights in the world’

Eamonn Wynne

Eamonn Wynne

Cashel has the worst Christmas lights in the whole world, according to a local councillor.

Speaking at Monday night’s meeting of Cashel Town Council, Cllr. Joe Moloney described the lights erected in the town as a disgrace.

At a time of doom and gloom those lights certainly didn’t help the festive atmosphere, he said. Half of the lights didn’t work while there were four different sets that weren’t even put up.

A lot of people were under the impression that the Council was responsible for the lights but as he understood it they were the responsibility of the Chamber of Commerce, even though the Council made a contribution of €4,500 towards their cost.

The lights were the worst in the whole world, not even the country, he said. Now was the time to get them right for next year.

It was a good job the moon didn’t shine over Christmas because if it did you wouldn’t have seen the lights, said Cllr. Eddie Bennett.

The lights in Cashel were very dim, said Cllr. P.J. Quinlan. They weren’t good enough and would have to be improved. A lot of other towns in areas around the country, including West Cork, would put Cashel to shame.

He compared Cashel to a morgue over Christmas because of the poor lighting.

If they were the only lights they had they should leave them down next year, said Cllr. Martin Browne (Sinn Fein). Even small villages made better efforts.

Something would have to be done, agreed Cllr. Eoghan Lawrence. Both he and Cllr. Moloney stressed that the electrician who erected them wasn’t to blame.

Cllr. Lawrence said he was in North Roscommon over Christmas and the lights were fantastic compared to Cashel’s.

Mayor Maribel Wood, said that a lack of money was the problem and it was the same in her home city of Cordoba in Spain.

The Council was only responsible for the lights on the plaza in the town centre, which it put up and paid for, said Council Manager Sean Keating.

The Council made a contribution to the Chamber of Commerce for the main Christmas lighting and it discussed this and other issues with the Chamber during the year.