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Judgement Day in Entente Florale

Judgement Day in Entente Florale

The village was really looking well on Friday when the bus load of judges and officials visited to pass judgement on our village in the Entente Florale competition. The visit started at St. Patrick’s Well, where they were greeted by P.J.Long and entertained by the O’Connell family with a selection of Irish airs very much in keeping with this special place of prayer.

Then it was back on the bus where the village association secretary, Bernard Lennon gave a commentary as the bus drove down by the Marlfield Lake Bird Sanctuary, through Marlfield Village, down to St. Patrick’s Chapel and then back up the hill and into town. Bernard explained how Marlfield Lake was first constructed by damming the steam and building a mill, which was one of the largest in Ireland. The distillery, which later replaced the grain mill produced 8,268 imperial gallons of whiskey at its peak. Today all that remains is the great dam and the spillways and mill races. The champion trees, ash, walnut and cherry were identified.

The hard work of the residents was noted in the many fine displays of window boxes and gardens in a year when the sun has gone on holidays.

We hope that our hard work has had a good result and the village committee thanks everyone who helped to show how pleasant it is to live in Marlfield Village.


Mass will be celebrated in St. Patrick’s Chapel, Marlfield at 9.30am on this Sunday, 12th August.

Missing photo album

The Marlfield Village photo album has been missing for some time and the village association secretary Bernard Lennon requests that people take a quick look around the place to see if they have it. The album contains many original photos taken before the invention of digital cameras and therefore cannot be reproduced. A new album is being produced but there will be a big gap in its years without the originals. The secretary may be contacted at 086-2937220 and he hopes that it is lying on a shelf or in a press somewhere.


The community of Marlfield village extends its sympathy to the Mackey family of Mountain View on the death of Billy Mackey, father of J.J.