Loughtally Residents

Loughtally Residents


The annual general meeting of the Loughtally Residents Association takes place on this coming Friday evening, 29th July in the Pastoral Centre in Irishtown, Clonmel At 8pm. All residents are welcome to attend.


The community of Marlfield Village extends its sympathy to Stephen Hennessey and family on the death of Stephen’s brother Patrick Hennessey.


The annual general meeting of the Marlfield Village Association was held recently, when many issues were raised and solutions discussed. The major hurdle that the meeting identified was the continuing need for the maintenance of the village infrastructure and the small pool of willing workers available for this task.

The Trojan work that Pat Norris and Teddy Lee do in grass cutting was acknowledged, as was the work of the many other volunteers in cleaning, litter collection and the many other jobs carried out to keep the village presentable. The chapel committee were also praised for the work done to maintain the fabric of this landmark building.

Problems were identified and the need for a more structured approach in the year-round maintenance of all the open areas was agreed. The Village committee will be seeking advice from other local Tidy Towns groups in how to manage a work scheme, with a full-time worker employed to lighten the load of the voluntary committee. Bernard Lennon has been given the task of making the initials arrangements for these meetings and local elected representatives will be contacted for advice.

The garden competition was agreed and judging will start shortly, with a proposal to include the greater area around the Village.

The committee elected includes chairman, Joe Burke; vice-chairperson, Kathleen Hogg; secretary, Bernard Lennon; assistant secretary, Valerie Hayde; treasurer, Anne McLoughlin and committee - Maureen Nolan, Mary Williams, Teddy Lee and Mary Dahill. The committee can co-opt other members during the year and residents are encouraged to become involved.