Farm Security - In all aspects of security regarding your home and business, good neighbourliness and vigilance are the most effective deterrents against crime and the detection of offenders. Innovative thinking, for which farmers are well known, can be applied to many security issues in and around your property. The following are some ideas for you to consider regarding your security.

Access to your property - Restrict access to your yard, install gates and fix them to a sturdy post. Keep them locked. Boundaries - Fencing, hedges and walls should be robust, well maintained and checked regularly for breaches. Alarm/CCTV - Consider installing an alarm in vulnerable areas. An alarm will emit an audible warning and CCTV will provide surveillance on places out of view of the farm house. Lighting - Illuminate areas which are overlooked from your dwelling, or covered by CCTV.

Out Buildings - Store your tools and smaller machinery items in a building with enhanced security features close to the farm house. Consider appropriate good quality locks, bolts and bars on doors and windows. Property Marking - Property Marking will identify item as belonging to you. This can be an effective deterrent to thieves. Photograph machinery and tools - To get an idea of scale, have someone stand beside larger items such as quads and trailers. Use a ruler for smaller items. Make a list of make/model, serial number and any unusual features on equipment. Indicate the type of property marking and where it is on the item. Record any obvious damage or repairs which may help with the recovery of stolen machinery. Stencil a unique code on to your vehicles/plant machinery (approx 8 inches high). Use a heavy duty etching/stencilling to write your name. Permanent heavy duty marking can be done with a welder/grinder. Etching or engraving can be done underneath machinery or in areas which will become mud splattered and so will remain hidden. Consider installing GPS Tracking System on your equipment. If you see a suspicious vehicle, take a note of make/model, colour and registration number and contact Gardai.


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Ballymacarbry Community Centre is having a fundraiser and Rattle the Boards are playing on Saturday, April 27, at 8.30pm. Refreshments provided. Tickets available at the centre or call 0526185483.