Problems with hard water may be raised with EU

Eamonn Wynne

Eamonn Wynne

Householders living on the northern side of Clonmel who are experiencing problems with the hardness of their water supply should address their concerns to the EU’s petitions committee.

That was the suggestion made at the public forum on water policy held at the Clonmel Park Hotel last Friday.

MEP Phil Prendergast, who chaired the forum along with MEP Sean Kelly, was aware that people had to change electrical appliances such as washing machines and kettles on a regular basis because of the hardness of the water supplied from Monroe.

She also stated that people had to spend anything up to €2,000 on water softeners and de-scaling devices to try and alleviate the problem. She predicted that the petitions committee of the EU would be quite busy with this.

The Medical Council said that drinking water with a high lime content was good for your health but it didn’t have “the same wonderful affect” with electrical appliances, said Cllr. Siobhan Ambrose.

No grants were available but some community scheme might be able to help people who were in this situation, she suggested.

Clonmel’s Mayor, Cllr. Darren Ryan, said this was an ongoing issue and was the biggest problem in relation to the town’s water supply.

It would do the town and country a good deal of good if a solution could be found.

One affected resident, Mark Hackett from Dromard Close, Cashel Road, asked why the supply in the area had been changed from the Glenary scheme to Monroe, and if there was a source other than Monroe that had been tested.

Phil Prendergast said the supply from Glenary was insufficient to meet the needs of the amount of development that had taken place on that side of the town, which now accommodated more than 7,000 houses.

Monroe was the borehole with the most plentiful supply and the hardness of the water was no less in the other areas tested.

Problems of this nature could be submitted to the EU’s petitions committee, stated Francis Jacobs, representing the European Parliament Office in Ireland.