Marlfield Village

Traffic diverted

Traffic diverted

All traffic from the Wood Road has been diverted through Marlfield village for some days now and its effect is very noticeable. Heavy lorries, buses and the huge farm machinery have been passing in continuous procession day and night. The straw trailers have left their calling card with a nice scattering of straw along the verges. All motorists are asked to obey the speed limit, particularly when descending into the village, as there have been some near misses at the crossroads.


The community of Marlfield village extends its sympathy to the Normile family of Moore’s Road on the recent death of Michael Normile, brother of Alan.

Final lap

This week is the final lap in preparation for the Entente Florale competition and we hope that enough has been done to get us over the line. The poles have been painted, signs washed, litter gathered and the verges trimmed. The new planters have been clayed and set in the tree line on the town road. The log rolls inside the tree guards have also been set and the nasturtiums have started to flower. The high bed over the corner at the cross is looking well and will be a feature in the next few years as we get a better slope on it. The final tasks are to pick up the road side sweepings, tidy up the verges on the town road and spread the stones at the estate entrance. The village committee thanks all residents for their efforts and asks them to give a final push by attending to the little things on the big day which is this Friday, 3rd August.