Last week’s notes had gone to print when we got the news that the new Skeheenarinky signs had been installed. We thank the County Council for supplying the new signs and the Council workers for speedily installing them. It’s good to have our identity back once again! (It’s nice to know that Skeheenarinky Notes are being read in high places!)


A charity run with a difference has been organised as a fund-raiser towards the re-roofing of the mortuary building in the grounds of Clogheen Hospital. This building provides essential service and comfort to the people of a wide area and is deserving of your support. ‘Hop in your Jeep and Beep’ takes place from the hospital on July 23 at 5.30pm. Jeeps (other vehicles also very welcome) to gather at 5.30pm and be underway by 6pm. Hot bacon and buttered grinders afterwards in the open area near where the Play-School is situated. Contact Jimmy Looby 086 2554930, or Joan Looby 086 3326266 for sponsorship cards with which you can collect from friends, or you can simply make a donation on the night.


Don’t forget to mark the Flower Show Social Evening in your calendar. It’s on Saturday, July 30.

Entry forms for the August 13 Flower and Vegetable Show are still available at the Post office/Shop in Kilbehenny and by email from Doug: or phone 086 8051564


John O’Brien of Kilbehenny gave a splendid recitation of the Patrick Kavanagh poem ‘Spraying the Potatoes’ at the Bluestone Sprayathon on last Tuesday evening, July 12. It was indeed an appropriate few verses for the evening that was in it, as members of the Kilbehenny Potato Festival committee and their friends and families gathered to spray the potatoes in the old fashioned way. Funds collected on the evening are being kindly donated to the Clogheen Hospital.


We offer condolences to Breda Casey and family of Gorteenaboul, Mitchelstown on the passing of Breda’s husband Tommy. Breda is formerly Breda Fox of Skeheenarinky. May Tommy rest in peace.


It’s nice to see the FitzGerald family maintaining a connection with Skeheenarinky. Garret’s son, Mark, together with his wife and daughter paid a visit to the old home place recently and met up with Patsy King and Nicholas and Gemma. Interestingly, for the month of June, Cork County Library had, for that month, some articles related to Garret, as their glass-case exhibition for that month. It was warming to see a 2008 page from the Avondhu with photos of Garret at Skeheenarinky with the King family and with Paddy O’Mahony.


At the last meeting, application forms for free home insulation were distributed. Applicants must own the house and be receiving a fuel allowance. Committee members are distributing the forms to people in their areas. The next meeting is Monday 25 July, at 8.30 pm in the school.


These notes sent a roving reporter to Burncourt the other night and the report from the Show in the hall would suggest that anyone who missed the evening missed a superb night of comedy acting at its best, great food, and an evening of fun that would be hard to surpass. Special guests were outstanding and Skeheenarinky participants on the evening got full marks for their part in the proceedings! Nice to hear that there was a good turnout of Skeheenarinky people in the audience. Well done, Burncourt!


1st and 2nd shared: P.J. Hennessy & Hannah Luddy and Eily Conway & Una McGrath; 3rd: Mick Browne & Teresa Quinn. Lucky Tables: 1. Hopper McGrath & James Fox; 2. John O’Connor & Michael Aherne. Tickets: 1. Hopper McGrath; 2 Hannah Luddy; 3. Eily Conway; 4. Carmel Quirke; 5. Paddy McGrath