Mass will be celebrated in St. Patrick’s Chapel, Marlfield at 9.30am on this Sunday, 11th November.

Put safety first

The annual deluge of leaves is well underway and the footpaths are deep in leaves in many places, with windblown mounds in some areas. The County Council sweep them when they have staff and machinery available but until then please do not step off the paths without exercising caution. Cars in particular are very silent nowadays and are often moving very quickly, particularly when coming from behind. Use the footpaths and if you are bringing your children for a walk do not teach them bad road safety habits.

Village committee meeting

The next meeting of the Marlfield Village Committee takes place on Monday night, 26th November in St. Patrick’s Chapel at 8pm. After our very successful village dance we will be examining our social calendar and looking for suggestions on how to mark the festive season. Contact any of the village committee with your ideas ans we will discuss them at the meeting.