Marlfield Village

Village Dance

Village Dance

The annual fundraising dance takes place on Friday night, 19th October in The Park Hotel and an excellent night’s entertainment is planned. The Carrick Bróg are providing the music and the fun starts at 9pm. During the next few nights the ticket sellers will be requesting support as this event is the sole fundraiser for the village activities. Please support the efforts to maintain and enhance our lovely village.

Heritage Trail

The first of the information signs on the planned Heritage and Bio Diversity trail are in place and attracting favourable comment. The signs have been located in a way that contributes to road safety in that they can be read while always facing the oncoming traffic. This is a must, with the speed that is the norm on our roads today. The almost complete absence of any respect by motorists for pedestrians walking by Marlfield Lake will again require the village committee to request the provision of ramps to curb the enthusiasm for speeding inside the 50km zone.

Twelve more signs are planned to cover the planned trail from the town road down by St Patrick’s Chapel to the new roundabout and up by the Lake to St. Patrick’s Well and back to town. This will be an education resource for young and old and provide a good healthy walk into the bargain.

Committee meeting

A meeting of the Marlfield Village committee takes place in St. Patrick’s Chapel next Monday night, 8th October at 8pm. The agenda includes the annual Garden Competition results.