Close lane, build wall to stop drug dealing, says local couple

Sinn Fein representative Dermot ODonovan, Jimmy Greene and Luke Greene at Jimmy Greenes home at St. Oliver Plunkett Terrace, Clonmel. Mr. Greene wants the Borough Council to close the lane on the left and build a wall to combat anti-social behaviour, which he says includes drug dealing and drinking.
A Clonmel couple is pleading with the Borough Council for help to combat anti-social behaviour.

A Clonmel couple is pleading with the Borough Council for help to combat anti-social behaviour.

Jimmy Greene and his wife Patsy say they have been plagued with problems at the rear of their home at St. Oliver Plunkett Terrace for the past number of years.

They’re now calling on the Borough Council to close a nearby lane and build a wall to replace the hedge that was the boundary between the lane and their garden.

“People gather in that lane to drink and deal drugs”, says Mr. Greene. “A Council engineer and I picked up syringes used for taking drugs. They’ve also lit fires and congregate there at 4.30 in the morning, playing music and letting off bangers. You try to keep your place as well as you can and do something with it but I just don’t have the heart to do it any longer”, he says.

Mr. Greene says the Borough Council supplied blocks to build a wall but the couple had to borrow €4,000 to have the hedge cleared and a concrete wall built, a cost that he believes should be borne by the Council. He also says that rubbish was often thrown in the hedge. Jimmy Greene doesn’t work, has a heart condition and is on a disability allowance, while his wife Patsy works part-time. Their neighbours have signed a petition requesting the closure of the laneway.

One of those neighbours is Sinn Fein representative Dermot O’Donovan. “There’s a big drugs problem in this town and if this laneway was blocked - like the council is proposing to do at Sheehy Terrace and Glen Oaks - it would help the situation here”, he says. These are two law-abiding citizens paying their taxes and all they want is peace of mind and the chance to allow their grandchildren play safely out the back”. He said he had proposed a solution to the problem by moving the gates from the Heywood Road side of the lane to the back of Jimmy Greene’s house.

Town Clerk Ger Walsh said a solution had been agreed with Mr. Greene for the council to supply him with blocks and he would be responsible for building the wall. The removal of the hedge and the building of the wall might improve the situation, he said.