Cashel and Rosegreen Journal has ‘real sense of community’

A treasure trove of local memories, in book form, has been launched in Cashel.

A treasure trove of local memories, in book form, has been launched in Cashel.

There was a great turnout in Halla na Feile, on Sunday last, for the launch of the Cashel and Rosegreen Journal. Eibhlin Ni Riain, journal editor and joint coordinator extended a warm welcome to all who braved the atrocious weather conditions to attend the launch by Cashel man and her own nephew and godchild Fran Curry of Tipp FM.

In particular Eibhlin thanked the people of Cashel and Rosegreen and the surrounding areas for their great response to requests for photos, and articles.

She said: “It is great to have such an amount of old photos which makes it so interesting.

“The memories would be lost to so many if the people weren’t so kind as to allow us to use them.”

She was full of praise for Halla chairman and fellow coordinator Sean Murphy and said that he was “brilliant - if you want something done ask a busy person.”

She thanked the committee for their great work in collecting adverts and photos, all very time consuming, and thanked Gobnait Long, for typing articles and poems and Elizabeth Fallon, a student at the University of Edinburgh, for helping out during her holidays.

Eibhlin specially thanked Michael McDonnell, local photographer and correspondent for The Nationalist and Tipperary Star for all the publicity he gives to the Halla and for allowing his photographs and material to be used in the Journal.

She also thanked Ger and Majella Lonergan for photos of Rosegreen .

The previous editor, Cathal O’Leary, is now teaching in China, and good wishes were sent to him from Eibhlin, Sean and the committee.

On behalf of the committee, Eibhlin thanked South Tipperary Development Company for their support for the journal. Lion Print was also thanked for their helpfulness throughout.

She acknowledged, with sincere thanks, the voluntary commitment of Mrs. Maura Lehart who gives great support and help to the committee of Halla na Feile. She was full of praise for John Joe Turner also.

Before launching the journal Fran had a few words for those assembled. “When we look at something like the Cashel and Rosegreen Journal the main thing we get from it is a complete sense of place, and that sense of place was almost lost during the heady days of the ‘Celtic Tiger’, but over the last couple of years there seems to be more neighbourliness coming back again – more of a sense of community – more of a sense of people wanting to get involved with one another again to help out.

“It is important that we work for communities and more people are now volunteering to help out in lots of ways.

“When you see a publication like the Cashel & Rosegreen Journal, an awful lot of people are putting so much work, effort, time, dedication and passionate commitment into producing this, and we get from it a real sense of community.

“Also mentioned was the idea of this as a present for the diaspora.

“You might think that it is only to older people that we should send this to, but I was always intrigued at the idea that wherever I travelled in the world playing music – while at home in an Irish nightclub, young people will ask for pop songs, but when they are away in London or in New York they are looking for ‘Slievenamon’ and the ‘Wolf Tones’ and all that sort of thing.

“So it really would be a fantastic present for somebody, of any age, who is far away from home – it would be very special for them indeed.”

Continuing he said “some of the photographs take me back to sunny days and summertime and rightly so. We should be proud of Cashel and Rosegreen because it is a great ‘parish’.

“One thing that has come through and still has survived today is the whole culture of the area and I am particularly thinking of music, dance, drama, panto and all of those things that survived right through the ‘Tiger’ era and are still very special to us today.

“So this is something that we should keep, for generations to come, and make sure that we treasure it.”

Fran said he hopes that there will be further issues, “because out there, there must be a lot of photographs, and a lot of people, that Eibhlin could persuade to write for the journal.

“In my portion of the book I was particularly honoured to write about the late great Christy Price because he was a fantastic man as well as a great musician.

“A book like this is about memories and nostalgia. It is all of those things.”

Putting all that together, Fran concluded by thanking the committee for inviting him that he was particularly honoured to have been asked to launch the Cashel and Rosegreen Journal of 2012.

Other speakers were Paddy Downey, Hon. Treasurer and Trustee of Halla na Feile and Michael Begley, Development Officer with South Tipperary Development Company.