Cashel’s first mayor will also be the town’s last first citizen

Cashel Town Council's new Mayor Cllr. Joe Moloney being congratulated by by the outgooing mayor Cllr. Dr. Sean McCarthy, after Monday night's election meeting. Also in the photograph are Marie McGivern, (Town Clerk) and Sean Keating, (Town Manager).
The man who was elected as the first Mayor of Cashel will also serve as the town’s last mayor.

The man who was elected as the first Mayor of Cashel will also serve as the town’s last mayor.

Fianna Fail’s Cllr. Joe Moloney was elected unopposed at last week’s annual meeting of the local Town Council.

He was Cashel’s first mayor in 2001 and will have the distinction of serving as its last mayor before the council is abolished next year. Before the title of mayor was introduced Cllr. Moloney was chairman of the council in 1996.

The new Deputy Mayor is Sinn Fein’s Cllr. Martin Browne, who was also elected unopposed.

Cllr. Moloney said it would be a very important year for the council because they would need to try and do as much work as possible in the next twelve months.

After that it would be “a sad and sorry day for Cashel” when it would lose its council. That would be a very sad day for every small local authority but it was something they had to live with and get on with.

Cllrs. Moloney and Browne were wished all the best for the coming year.

Cllr. Eoghan Lawrence described it as “a real tragedy” that this would be the last time a mayor would be elected in the town, but it was a happy occasion for Cllr. Moloney and his family.

Cllr. Maribel Wood said that when the council would be abolished “797 years of local government in the town would end with the stroke of a pen”, and the decision to do this had been a very undemocratic one.

Town Manager Sean Keating said he knew that Cllr. Moloney would do an excellent job and that he would have every desire to see Cashel progress during his stewardship.

The Manager also paid tribute to outgoing Mayor Cllr. Sean McCarthy, who he said had carried the council through a busy and turbulent year.

Cllr. McCarthy said it had been a pretty hectic year and a lot had been achieved by the council. He also praised the tremendous contributions of all the members and staff.

It was a real pity that Cllr. Moloney would be the last mayor because Cashel deserved to keep its council,he added.