Baby James makes a surprise arrival at Cahir Garda Station

Sian Moloughney

Sian Moloughney

The arrival of a new baby is an exciting time for every family, but one little South Tipp baby was in such a hurry to arrive that his mam, dad and the gardai at Cahir Garda Station had a bit more of an exciting occasion than they expected!

Little James Leahy proved to be very impatient when he decided it was time for him to make an entrance into the world last Wednesday night.

In fact he arrived so quickly that mam Breda and dad Aidan didn’t have time to make it from their home in Newtown, Donohill to South Tipperary General Hospital in Clonmel and baby James arrived en route, with the help of three ‘great’ gardai from Cahir Garda Station!

Delighted mammy Breda explained what happened to The Nationalist:

“At 10.30pm last Wednesday night all of a sudden my waters broke. My mother came up to the house to mind our children Brendan and Ciara and we set off for Clonmel, we didn’t delay. The next thing we were in Bansha and I said to Aidan ‘I don’t think this child is going to hold on!’

“We got to the roundabout in Cahir and I knew. Aidan said ‘we’ll go to the garda station’ and I said ‘yeah.’”

From there Sergeant Lorraine Treacy takes up the story.

Just after 11pm that night daddy Aidan rushed into the front office of the station and said his wife was giving birth in their car, which was parked outside.

Three gardai, Louise Hickey, Gerry Canty and Kieran Donovan, rushed to Breda’s assistance and, despite never having experienced anything like it before, they helped as baby James arrived.

“The gardai are on a high, they are so excited!” Sgt. Treacy said of the trio.

An ambulance arrived within 25 minutes and mammy and baby were brought to their original destination in Clonmel, both healthy and happy.

“It was a bit unbelievable,” Breda described the very ‘public’ birth.

“My other two children I had in hospital and everything was done by the book and very medical. This was done very discretely, you’d have more people around in a maternity ward.

“Louise rang the ambulance, two pushes and he was out! It was a good thing we didn’t go by the bypass it happened so quick!” Bread said. “Half my family don’t believe me, they think I’m joking.”

Paying tribute to the three gardai, Breda said they were nothing less than “great.”

“They actually came to the hospital at 2am and brought a brilliant card and flowers.”

Breda also had a word of praise for her husband, Aidan, who stayed ‘cool’ through the whole adventure, and the ambulance men who ferried her to Clonmel.

James, who has a big brother Brendan who is six and a big sister Ciara who is three and a half, will have to behave as he grows up, though, because his mammy says if he misbehaves he’ll be warned he can ‘go back to Cahir!’