Commitment of Tidy Towns volunteers ‘does Cashel proud’

What a wealth of wonderful work has been carried out by concerned townspeople, council workers and Tidy Towns volunteers in Cashel over recent weeks.

What a wealth of wonderful work has been carried out by concerned townspeople, council workers and Tidy Towns volunteers in Cashel over recent weeks.

The huge effort to clean up the graveyard attached to St John the Baptist Church in Friar Street has continued unabated. Every Monday and Wednesday, somewhere between 13 to 25 men and women, drawn from families with deceased loved ones interred therein, and Tidy Towns volunteers, have turned out to clear weeds and rubble and debris. Up to 28 trailer loads of material has been removed! The next stage, which involves levelling uneven areas, spreading chippings, and grassing where sensible, is now underway. Before this Summer is out, it is hoped that the iron rails which surround many graves – many of which have by now rusted with age – will have been scraped, sanded and repainted restoring this ancient graveyard to some semblance of its former glory.

On another front, over recent weeks approximately 100 trees have been planted along approach roads to Cashel. In time it is hoped these will mature into fully grown trees waiting to welcome visitors to the town.

And again, on the Dualla Road, approaching the Community Schools coming from town, council workers have been busy replacing plastic barriers with a lovely stone faced flower bed. This flowerbed, which will be planted shortly, eliminates an eyesore (the plastic barriers), enhances the visual amenity (lovely stonework and flowers) and acts as a safety feature by gently restricting pedestrians, who might otherwise inadvertently step out directly into the path of traffic leaving the town.

On to the Clonmel road where an old neglected site has been cleared up by the owners (Thank you owners!) and ugly decaying plywood hoarding has been replaced by fine ‘post and rail’ fencing – what an improvement! On the same note another developer has finally removed a big sign offering new houses at ‘2010 Prices’ – this time on the Dualla Road. (Thank you developer!)

At St. Patrick’s Hospital on the Cahir road, a huge effort is underway to scrape, clean and paint the very long sections of iron railings which front those lovely old buildings. Hopefully we will finish this work before the Tidy Towns adjudicators arrive.

Finally – what can we say about the lovely stone sculpture recently installed on The Green. This wonderful piece commemorates a ‘Sally Port’ which once graced the Old Town Walls in the immediate area. This work, which was suggested by local historian Mr. John Knightly, was executed by master sculptor Mr. Phillip Quinn (Stonemad of Holycross) - aided by local ‘trainee stonemasons,’ erected by council workers under the direction of Mr Willie Corby (Council Engineer) and ‘launched’ by a host of distinguished dignitaries last week.

The work described in this article could not have been undertaken without the enthusiastic physical, financial and material support of so many, many people in and around the town. The generosity of spirit and substance does you and the town of Cashel proud !