Poll: Do you want a General Election?

What do you think?

Sian Moloughney


Sian Moloughney

Poll: Do you want a General Election?

Are we heading into a general election?

No - leave things as they are for now


Yes - we need a change


No - I don't understand what the fuss is about


Yes - but not during the Christmas season


Who cares - when are we doing the pubs of Christmas?


The odds on Ireland having a General Election are now 6/4 from 10/1 to happen in 2017

All is not well within the current government set up and with Fianna Fail giving Leo Varadkar an ultimatum to either sack his Tanaiste or face a General Election before the year is out. A General Election to happen now before the year is out has moved in from a massive price of 10/1 yesterday, to its current price of 6/4. The current favourite is an election to happen next year at 1/2.

Tipperary Fine Gael has no candidate chosen if snap election called

Frances Fitzgerald has come under pressure in relation to how she handled an email to try an discredit Garda whistle-blower Maurice McCabe. The Tanaiste is now 2/1 from 20/1 in the past twenty-four hours to no longer hold her post before December 1st.

Leon Blanche, Head of Communications for BoyleSports commented, “Fianna Fail are certainly cranking up the pressure on current Taoiseach Leo Varadkar. A General Election has been backed all the way in from 10/1 into its current price of 6/4 to happen before the year is out .”

He added, “Leo has a big decision to make in relation to his Tanaiste Frances Fitzgerald. She is under extreme pressure to resign and so much so that we have had to cut her price not to be in her post on the 1st of December from 20/1 into 2/1 in the last twenty-four hours .”